My Dreams of Life

Everyone has a dream.  Some dreams are made out of money.  Some are made out of sweat and tears.

Dreams seem to be cut, into a few sub-groups.  One group can be put under the heading of money dreams.  These dreams include buying, selling and trading all kinds of articles and meeting all the right people.  Big homes, nice cars, tons of tummy tucks, beautiful people and on and on.

The next sub-group has the most dreams in it.  It is the group where the dreams really don’t make to much sense at all.  We all get those dreams when nothing seems right. I call it the ‘noun’ dream.  It consists of the noun- person, place or thing, but it doesn’t make you happier or sad.  It is just plain odd.

Another kind of dream is a more realistic kind.  It is the dream of things that might come true. It is the dream that you have when you want something so badly, you can almost taste it.  This kind of dream is not about money or gems, it is about places or people.  Everyone in this dream you know by looking at them.  Included in this group are travel dreams.

I have had a few odd dreams about travelling.  In my dreams I have been to Spain.  Spain was the first place I travelled too.  I swear it felt and looked real to me.  I dreamt of Spain where the sky was a blue, so blue that it hurt my eyes and the grass was so green.  I have gone to sleep in Canada and ended up in England twice.  Once right at Oxford University and the other time, trying to get into the University’s grounds.  I cannot tell you how it felt in the morning after I travelled.  I felt a bit or shall I say a lot, of silliness.

I dream about a kind of life style I want to live.  A life style of travelling around the world with my laptop.  I would write as a means to any money problems I have. (which are a few)  I would add this male I know to the mix.  It would be more like he would travel for work, and I would go to see places and experience the people.  That would be a dream of a life for me.  Traveling, writing and being with this guy.  Wow, what a thought!

Now I need to land back to earth.  The guy wants me to visit only and for a short time.  At this time of my life, I am really trying to get my writing business off the ground and start to enjoy life again.  This time with no money problems.  Maybe this dream will be real in the future?  I hope so but for now..

I will only be dreaming.